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I'm a girl who loves to draw, write, read, listen to music, and play piano.
I really love Train, Rihanna, Pink, Adele, OneRepublic, and classical/instrumental music. I LOVE Tyler Ward, Pentatonix, and Lindsey Stirling. Their music is awesome check them out <3

My favorite books are Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. I still like Dreamworks and Disney animated movies, they're classics and I love their artwork.
Yeah, that's pretty much it about me....

I do NOT do follow-for-follows. If you follow me I might like a few of your quotes and I might follow you, but the people I follow are very carefully chosen and I won't just follow people randomly.

Quotes by RoseNightshade1799

Still riding tricycles
Because then I'm not the only third wheel

One of the best feelings in the world
Is stepping out of a freezing shower,
Drying off, and dressing
In an oversized hoodie
And warm


Sleep Country
Why buy a mattress anywhere el~
B*tch please
I buy mattresses at family-owned stores
To support local businesses
Got a problem with that

Taught me how to share and be friends with people
And listen to others when they had something to say

...Was basically a lie about life and the world.

My friend and I were talking
And my friend forgot the word for autotune
So she tried to explain to me
"You know, it's like Photoshop, except for music."
And once I realized what she meant,
I thought that that must be the best way to describe

Being a writer,
I just use big words by default
And they just sorta pop into my head.
Like the other day I used the words
"Rhetorical" and "Garner" and "Benevolent"
And it's just a natural thing for me,
But then people don't know what I'm talking about
And they have to ask for the definition of those words
And it just kinda defeats the purpose

Don't ever ask or mention "what-ifs" around me
Because then I start thinking
About what life would be like
If that had been different
But no, then that person wouldn't have existed
And we wouldn't have met
And if that thing had been changed
Then it would create an alternate dimension
And it just confuses me
And makes me have an existential crisis

Youtube User: Dat video tho
Google Translate: Detected language: Idiot. Would you like to translate this document to English?

Book Nerd: But that didn't even happen in the movie! In the book it's supposed to be a really sweet and emotional scene... :(
Person Who Watched Movie: Lol watever they replaced it with a fight sequence instead
Person Who Watched Movie: Explosions are cool
Person Who Watched Movie: Also you pronounced their name wrong, they don't say it like that in the film

I'm so paranoid about my laptop
Like I don't care how far away you are
If you're looking from halfway across a football field
At my computer screen
I'm slamming it shut quick as h*ll