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I'm a girl who loves to draw, write, read, listen to music, and play piano.
I really love Train, Rihanna, Pink, Adele, OneRepublic, and classical/instrumental music. I LOVE Tyler Ward, Pentatonix, and Lindsey Stirling. Their music is awesome check them out <3

My favorite books are Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. I still like Dreamworks and Disney animated movies, they're classics and I love their artwork.
Yeah, that's pretty much it about me....

I do NOT do follow-for-follows. If you follow me I might like a few of your quotes and I might follow you, but the people I follow are very carefully chosen and I won't just follow people randomly.

Quotes by RoseNightshade1799

Not everyone can be equal.
But anyone can be unique.
Confession Time:
When I first heard of the song
"We're in the Club Now,"
I pictured some sort of weird pop song
About drinking and partying all night long,
Not a sweet Disney music score
That would bring tears to my eyes when I heard.

What can you see...
On the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?

Across the sea...
A pale moon rises
The ships have come
To carry you home....
"If you're afraid of the dark," the man said,
"Then why don't you sleep with a light on?"
"Because," the little girl replied,
"The light only makes more shadows."

I remember when I was little
I watched Kung Fu Panda
And for months afterwards
I was trying the Wushi Finger Hold
On everyone
And it never worked and I always wondered why
And when I realized that the finger hold wasn't a real thing I cried

Description of my life:
Adults wasting my time
Me wasting my time
Children wasting my time
Me wasting my time
Parents wasting my time
Me wasting my time
Relatives wasting my time
Me wasting my time
Friends wasting my time
Me wasting my time
Computer wasting my time
Me wasting my time
Media wasting my time
Me wasting my time
Society wasting my time
Me wasting my time
Food wasting my time
Me wasting my time...

I don't think that people's bodies are beautiful
Because of how smooth or tan their skin is,
Or how slim their legs are,
Or how sleek their hair is.
I think that people's bodies are beautiful
Because of the way they hold themselves.
Because of the way some people might smile,
Because of the way they arrange their face,
Or the way they walk,
Or how they talk.
You might be gifted with the most beautiful body,
And still have the fckin nastiest laugh in the world.

I don't think that people are just a face.
I don't like to judge people by their face
When I first see them.
But sometimes there are things you notice
About a person
Sometimes when you first glance at them,
Or sometimes when you've talked to them for hours
And their spirit starts to shine from their eyes,
And their face starts to embody their personality.
You look at that person and you see how they tick.
Like the way they hold their head.
Or the way their nose turns up at the end,
Or the way lines appear around their eyes or their mouths
When they smile.
Little clues like that to tell you who they are.

So today I was talking to my friend about something.
Another person, mishearing,
came into our conversation and said,
"Who's hanging out with my dad?"
Without a beat, my friend turns,
Looks her straight in the eyes, and says,
"Your mom."
And to this day, it is still the best "your mom" joke
I have ever heard.

Me: Ohmygod it's that kid walking by
Me: Should I wave
Me: I mean we talk sometimes
Me: I guess we're friends
Me: But we're not like friend friends.
Me: Are we?
Me: It's not too late to run and hide is it
Me: Here she comes
Me: How about a smile. There's nothing that could go wrong with a smile.
Me: Is there?
Me: Too late. She's here.
Girl: *makes eye contact*
Me: *dies*

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