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I'm a girl who loves to draw, write, read, listen to music, and play piano.
I really love Train, Rihanna, Pink, Adele, OneRepublic, and classical/instrumental music. I LOVE Tyler Ward, Pentatonix, and Lindsey Stirling. Their music is awesome check them out <3

My favorite books are Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. I still like Dreamworks and Disney animated movies, they're classics and I love their artwork.
Yeah, that's pretty much it about me....

I do NOT do follow-for-follows. If you follow me I might like a few of your quotes and I might follow you, but the people I follow are very carefully chosen and I won't just follow people randomly.

RoseNightshade1799's Favorite Quotes

The sun always rises. We can't see it all the time and there'll be clouds that hide it from our eyes but it's there, and for me, that is enough. <3
--The Circle of Life--

Why harbour those feelings;
that you can only regret?
why bother existing,
when your expectations won't be met?

And after all the time in
our mundane world passes,
don't sit in the corner forlorn
counting your infinite losses.
Is it just me or when you sing in the shower you sound so angelic, but then when you're outside the shower, you sound like an armadillo being run over? ◑.◑
I look back at the mountains I've climbed.
And I know I'll climb many more before I'm done.
Some mountains are tremendously harder to climb than others.
The ones you climb alone, unsure, blindly in the dark. 
Those mountains are meant to shape who you are and who you will be.
Sometimes I'm scared, beacuse I know as I get older.
I'll have to face the fact that I'll need to climb bigger and more challenging mountains. -The mountains of life

I wish I could text my bed
and let it know it's been on my mind all day.

Ten things I need to be happy:
1. not you
2. not you
3. not you
4. not you
5. not you
6. not you
7. not you
8. not you
9. not you
10. Okay I think it's time to get honest...
naaah still not you

The first word I want to teach my kid is "brains" Then, until he/she learns another word, I'll have the cutest little zombie ever.◡‿◡✿
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Having trouble breaking up with someone????

1. Lean in for a kiss

2. Stop before your lips touch theirs

3. Say "Oh ________, if only there was someone who loved you"

4. Walk away and let them die


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