Status: I'm absolutely consumed ... I can barely breathe baby~
Joined: October 11, 2012
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Birthday: November 5
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Location: China ^-^
Gender: F
Hello Loveys ^~^
I'm Katie, Or Kitty.. Whichever you prefer.
Well, I'm living in China now. I'm originally from North Carolina (:
I'm 16, My birthday is 11-5
I'm currently Taken~~~.
I'm weird and chizz.. so, Hehe
Witty is my favorite site! So, I thought "why not make an account?" :D
Music controls my life.
I'm really shy (didn't know that until I moved here)
I am homeschooled with my brother.
Okayy.. Thats all for now.


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[deleted] 9 years ago
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Hullo there :)
You are gorgeous and I love you hair!! :3
Rosedragon327 9 years ago
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Thank you so much~ <3
[deleted] 9 years ago
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You're very welcome! :)
SpoonfulOfSugar 9 years ago
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hahaha when i put the cursor under your nose you have a moustache