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Heyy there, my names Hailea [hail-lee]
I live in Upstate New York
I am nineteen years old
Graduated high school (Class of 2013)
I currently just got a new job at a resturant,
I start training this week and am super nervous.
My heart belongs to country music. I'm obsessed.
I thank God everyday for my two best friends,
amazing boyfriend, mom and grandparents.
In a short amount of words, they are my everything.
I love long car rides and driving.
All my love belongs to Michael John Newland,
he is my best friend. Life with him makes perfect sense.
My addictions are iced coffees and chocolate.
Witty is like my second home and
I will always make time for this website
No matter what ^ If you follow me I will
love you forever and a day (and follow you
back of course) I'm really good at giving advice
and always here to listen if you need anything
Thank you for reading :)
Stay beautiful & God bless xo

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Quotes by Hailea Katherine*

She'suca beautifuhandful
I apologize if my past relationships don't work out, but I have to say one thing...
Once we break up, I don't go around and talk badly about my ex-boyfriends.
I don't call them names, or anything. Because I believe that I was with them
one because I felt like I was at peace, they made me happy. I just wish it
was the same way around.
I think what hurts the most.. is when you
give your all to someone. Through thick
and thin, you're there for them. You stick
with them, no matter what. Then one day,
they just give up on you. They won't even
fight for you. The one thing you would have
never done, they did with no hesitation.
I watch him while he sleeps and think to myself;
"How could one person be so beautiful?"
alreadknow it's too good tbe
something real. 
Want to know a secret?
I have a boyfriend, someone I've been off and on with for 
walmost a year now. When we were on a break I met the
sweetest and funniest guy, but we never worked out.
Whenever my boyfriend and I are in a fight or I'm just upset
about something, I go back in my videos and find the
video of my ex singing "always be my baby" by Mariah
Carey to me, and to this day it still makes me smile. :(
Thpasfew dayhave coped with the
overbearing reality that I will never again see you, hear your voice,
smell your cologne, watch you laugh, make fun of you or
feel my heart drop as you call my name. but somehow I know that I will never forget you. 

Yesterdamy coworker
told me my ex came in the night before and had nothing but nice things
to say about me. I asked her what he said and she told me how him and
his girlfriend broke up and she asked him about me and he said "I was
such an a**hole to her, she probably hates me. I don't deserve her, she
was such a sweet girl." then she told me he said "I love Hailea, I am
seriously in love with her". I said "He didnt say that Becky.." she said
"I put that on my fathers life" who died a couple months ago. All I could
say was "wow". I did everything for that boy, I loved him so much and
waited for him for so long, he was such a jerk to me and I'm finally over it
and  happy with someone else, sorry but he had his chance
He flooded her thoughts every second of everday,
and she didn't know how to swim but that was okay.