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I hate 

Quotes by RubiLouise

I came to witty to escape  now I come to witty to remember when it was an escape

I don't post quotes with color because color shows emotion
"I pinky promise" 

it's ridiculous how much people bother me.
I can't even breathe with how much peoples lies suffocate me.
all I ever do is sit in my room and hate people.
am I the only person who does this?

childhood > adulthood

There once was a girl who hid
she hid from the girls who hurt her
she hid from the boys who caused her pain
she sat and she cried and thats all she did

she hid away at night
she went away at day

she caused herself pain
she smoked herself away
she was never quite there
This was the girl who hid

look ahead not around,
don't let their words
push you down

Neverland, please find me.

Can we just stay young forever?

Do you ever just hate the present,
then in the future, miss the past, that you hated?