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Hey! my names Lauren and i love making quotes! im kinda new to this but so far its been fun! but hope u like my sutff...i have a range of stuff i made going from love to pictures! have fun kids=] ?[* ? @ ? ? ? ? *]?

Quotes by RufFx3RyDeR

dont have to be a genus
to figure whats
b e t w e e n <3 u s

looks really cute in pink Trebuchet MS size 8 with black background and genus white and figure dark purple:-)

YoUr MaMmA JoKeS!

1)Your mamma is so fat, she stepped on a dollar and made change!

2)Your mamma is so stupid she tried to drown a fish!

3)Your mamma is so fat, when the KCF guy asked her which bucket size she wanted, she said, "The one on the roof!"

4)Your mamma is so poor, I walked into her front yard and was in her back yard!

5)Your mamma is so fat, she uses a mattress as a maxi pad!

6)Your mamma is so old that her breastmilk is now powder!

7)Your mamma is so hairy and fat that King Kong has met his match!

8)Your mamma is fat that she uses the Pacific Ocean as a kitty pool

9)Your mamma is so fat, the last time she saw 90210 was on a weight scale

10)Yo mama's so big, she can't wear an X jacket cause helicopters kept landing on her back.

11)Your mamma is so big, she uses a Jungle Gym for a walker!

12)Your mamma is so fat her blood type is rock road!

13)Your mamma is so fat she fell into the Grand Canyon and got stuck!

14)Your mamma is so fat that her belt line is the equator!

15)Your mamma is so fat when she goes to the beach, she changes the tide!

16)Yo mama's so big, that they had to change "One size fit's all" to "One size fits most"

17)Yo mama's so ugly, her face is closed on weekends!

18)Your mamma is so fat, she actually uses Chandelirs and chandelir earrings!

^^haha ill add more later!

your head in your hands and this is my cue...
...if three words could heal you
i would only speak two

bold i would only speak two to look good
my heart keeps falling faster
who will be there to catch it?
so we treat our love like a firefly
like it gets to shine for a little while...<3
:`: you break it...
`. you buy it!
LiFe WoUlD Be.:.
So0o MuCh BeTtA<3
B a c k g r o u n d
M.u.s.i.c x3

background color:Black
Make the x and o on top 2 sizes bigger
Bold:Would and With
Italicize: Life and betta
make colors pink except the x's and o's
x's color:white
o's color:Dark Purple
underline:0 in so0o

Lauren<3 xoxo
down in the dumps
no one is there
to have a helping hand
nobody cares
into the darkness
hiding from the world
no one will rescue
this broken girl
her boyfriend broke her heart
thought it would last till the end
so drawn to him
that she forgot her friends
While all of her time was with him
nothing was a bore
Spent alll of her time with him
closed her friend behind the doors
with no one who loves her
she lies down in shame
she has no one
but herself to blame
feeling no reason to live
she would smoke weed
cut her wrists
and watched her body bleed
tied to her neck
was a thick piece of rope
dangling from it
she prayed with hope
i was not this girl
my world was not gray
but from my knowlegde
she died that day
saying sorry to her friends
for tieing the rope to her throat
i know this because
she put that in her suicied note
Because it takes more than two to tango...or something like that...

^haha gotta love Billy Madison
|| ` I DoNt WaNt AnOtHeR PrEtTy FaCe ` ||
|| ` I DoNt WaNt JuSt AnYoNe To HoLd ` ||
|| ` I DoNt WaNt My LoVe To Go To WaStE ` ||
|| ` I WaNt YoU AnD YoUr BeAuTiFuL SoUl ` ||

lol dedicated 2 my bf Becca cause she loves this song :)

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