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Quotes by RunWithScissorz

I'm terrible at making decisions and that bothers me.
"I HATE TACOS!" said no Juan ever.
Depression is like a war. You either win, or you die trying.
When teachers play good music in class, it's like I can finally see how cool they were as teens.
Maybe if I didn't spend all my time on my laptop, I would do better in school.
I have problems talking to attractive males. It's like all my brain can focus on is their perfection and not the words that should be coming out of my mouth.
When I study, it's more like I play on my phone with my book in front of me to make it seem like I'm working.
Legend of Zelda... Get with the program.
He has blue eyes, blond hair, and the cutest smile... He doesn't know I exist.

My heart goes out to anybody that is
going through

I'm here for you, babe. <3