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i'm rylie and i don't give a fuck anymore

Quotes by RyRygirly3

I didn't know words could hurt so much.

I like how you do your makeup. Do you use a brush or do you just dip your whole face in?

No. You're wrong.
So just sit there in your wrongness and be wrong.


It seems you have
confused me with someone who cares.
When you say "You look tired."
You're basically saying "You look like sh*t."  
Not my quote

Before Facebook I never noticed

so many people had birthdays.
If that forward message was true, I would've died 7698545 times. 
Dear Witty,
My jets are cooled, my excitement is controlled, and my horses are held.
Can I just add my quote now? 

When people
Stop in the middle of crowded hallway. -_-
Dear People From School,
This is like my Hannah Montanah life. Please don't ruin it.

Do NOT get a Witty.