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wat up im sean cabrera i like playing sports i play
and run track im fifteen (: on my spare time i like to ride dirtbikes and chiil
i like to hang out in havasu hit me up if you wanna talk i live in cali i am very respectfull and i would like to get respect back thanks haha :] - Guys Backgrounds


Just Think About It

I've liked you for two years now. I think the world of you.
I know everything about you.        You tell me everything
We flirt constantly. Everyone says we're perfect together.
I trust you completely. We're always together.     Always.
We talk on the phone forever.   
We have tons in common.
We have fun together. We're always laughing and smiling.
We'd be perfect together.   You know I'd make you happy.
If you'd just give me the chance to    show you.////////////

football is my life basketball is my passion and track is wat ill do till i die my name is sean lane cabrera i live in cali i love sports will never let them go and single at the moment talk to me :)

Can look to 10, meet 9, talk to 8, laugh with 7, dream about 6, hang out with 5, disturbing 4, like 3, be crazy for 2, but LOVE 1 

roses are red violets are blue love never crossed my mind untill i met you:)

hey my name is sean check out my profile if you wanna chatt