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A 21 year old girl from the middle east, i laugh, joke & try to enjoy what life brings for me. I believe in hugs, nailpolish, mascara, cake and soul mates. Iam who I am, I'm not perfect, i run into things, I trip. I spill food, I say stupid things. But that's just me. Plus family is everything to me! And been awesome since August 31st 1990. True story ;). I speak English, Arabic, Persian. Want to know more? Just Ask ;)


I barf rainbows.

And follow me if you're lost.

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*What happened?*


"Long story"

*I've got time*

Crap, i need a new excuse.

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 Typing a huge paragraph with your true feelings
but then erasing it & typing,



Pretending to
"Never Got The Text"
From an annoying person
Who won't leave you ALONE!

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Those long romantic walks to the fridge..♥


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Memories May Fade
but they can never be erased.

My "HATE" list is Much Much Much longer than My "LOVE" list.


That awkward moment when you try to
grab somebody & tell them "HEY"

But your hand hits the mirror ♥

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I'm Too Nice To People

&& That's How I Get Hurt.

When I have nothing to do, I eat.