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Hola! me llamo Sami(:
im just living my life day by day(:


Quotes by SaMiWaShErE123

I just read a quote saying that
your birth mark
is where you killed in your past life.
If this is the case,
then i was stabbed or shot or whatever

in the stomach.

how pleasant(:

not my format, my quote
Hey You!
Yes Beautiful, You.
Take The Risk

Text Him Already!

I know all we will be is friends
But just talking to you
Even if its texting
Gives me just the right amount of
Hope to go on
I still love you<3

not my format!


when youtextmeback

you have to be thinking of me

not my format!!

The  Thing is. . . 

You have
forgotten me

and  I cant stop
thinking about You

 and I would do
anything to have


&+ In my phone, 
In the drafts
Is a message, that I'm trying
to get the nerve to send.
All it says is

not my format! quotes mine, wish i could send it already :/


With all that you have.

*not my format*


Im not ashamed to say that instead of complaining about my 

boyfriend playing COD Black Ops I, instead decided to joining him

and it was amazing<3

mine<3(: ily

We are all a little weird.

Life is a little weird.

And when we find someone

Whose weirdness is compatible to ours...
We join up in m u t u a l weirdness and call it

saw it, loved it, wanted to share it <3 lol

 You Know That Feeling When You See Him In The Hallway?
when he smiles or laughs?
and all you want is to  just be with him?
I remember that feeling.
but it vanished when 

They started going out


Now, Its Like My World Has Come To A Dead Stop.
and all i see is you two standing together
and me in the background

Crusheby my crush