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Names Sabreena.
Color's Blue.
Hope you like the quotes,
This is me.

All the quotes I make. Originally came from me,
So please dont steal. I would love the credit.(:


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Quotes by Sabreena

That'how I feel when I'm with you.

Its sorta like
I gave you the key to my heart, and you lost it. But you kept the one S
HE gave you.


They should have a relationship status on facebook that says
______ is getting played by ____ .
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Who Esle Has Those MILLIONS
Of Brothers And Sisters That
Your Parents Dont Know About?


OK i
Ninja VS. Zombie

"Eww You Think Wrong."
Oh, So If I Think So Wrong How Did You Understand Me!?




Screw You!


I Love You.
Just Kidding
I Hate You.
I Hope Something
Eats You.