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The most painful goodbyes are the

ones that are never said, and

never explained </3  ,

go to the link and answer the question. It means alot too me :)

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                           Every one is 


In their own way 

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                                  ** 20 years from now**
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 In every girls life, 
                       Theres a boy she'll ,
                                                 Never forget;

                            && a summer ;
where it all began<3
                                                   Belly Tops, Flip flops;
                             Lemonade, in the shade;
                             Blue skies, Hot guys;
                             Late nights, Water fights;
                             IceCream, Sweet dreams;
                             Bathing Suits, Shooting hoops;
                             Party time, Schools out;
                             Sleeping in, Sneaking out...
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               Tan Skins;
               Crazy Days;

               Late Nights;
       Summer 2010 <3
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                                                    A life without loveis like,
                                 a year without  summer