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Quotes by Sabrinaaa715

When you miss an old friend.
Sorry, not going back.


Am I the only one that uses witty quotes for my
Facebook stauses?

Its funny how you were the one to break me down; the one person that i never thought would.
Im done wasting my time on 11:11.
I think that we should be able to text quotes to Witty<3
Anyone else agree?(:

I hate when you think of a quote & someone else posts it and they get 87565685 faves .
Just me ?-.-

I hate people that say we don't know what love is .

Cause I'd rather waste my life pretending ; then have to forget you for one whole minute .
They taped over your mouth ; scribbled out the truth with their lies . You little spies .
~ Paramore<3


& i guess it doesn't matter . . .
Cause i never did<|3

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