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Hey I'm Barenziah.
This is how I feel when someone calls me down:
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In the winter I love making snowmen for my snow army.
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The thoughts that go through my head....
Sad Quotes, Sad Sayings, Sad Quote Graphics
Sick Sad World.
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What I think is going on in my fridge right now.
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Quotes by SafeAsTheNight

I would take a
bullet for... not in the head, but in the leg or something.



Well, I'd
love to stay
and chat but you're a total b/tch.
-Family Guy
Far away
Where can


l miss you am hungry.

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day.

Drake & Josh
Drake: I think dad's seeing another women.
Josh: Seeing another women do what?

I shower...



Teehee I'm so naughty.


(T)hing from

I say "NO."
when Dora

asks me for my help.
Just me?

 - nmf
I don't agree with the people who hate gays.
Many people I know always laugh at my best friend because he's gay. I mean whats wrong with gays? I know in the bible it says its a sin but I'm not sure about that. Because if gays are sinners then most girls in the world are sinners  too. I mean in the bible it also states that women shall not tell men what to do or whatever something like that... But just because someone likes someone the same gender as them doesn't mean they're a crime against humanity.


l'm done.
I'm tired of all the hating and bullying. I thought Witty was a safe place to be... I mean is it really important how soeone doesn't or does like One Direction or if they like Nutella or not? Everyone is always saying how they want people to stop judging them but they judge others. And then there are those people who are picking on the top quoters like Wittycause or BravoSierra. Just leave them alone! Hve you ever thought there is a possibilty that they didn't steal those quotes?
I know I haven't been on witty for a long time but I can tell that it wasn't like this before. Why can't everyone just drop the One Direction and the Nutella? Leave the top quoters alone maybe? Be nice to everyone even if you dislike them? Witty would be so much better is all this stopped.