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Hi witty sisters! I was hoping if you guys could help me out on tumblr? I've entered a botm (blog of the month) And I would really appreciate it if you voted for my blog?

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Quote 15#
"You need to stop pushing people away, or someday, you're going to end up alone."

-Elena Gilbert. The Vampire Diaries.

Quote 14#
"Maybe that's what Hell is. You go mad. And all your demons come and get you just as fast as you can think them up."

-Anne Rice.



You may be flying high now,

but soon you'll be free-falling


That awkward moment when

Your leg itches and you're wearing jeans.



While you were busy juding


you left your closet open, and your

skeletons fell out.

Format by Sandrasaurus/NMQ/NMF

Quote 13#
"Never dream up your memories, because you'll start to lose track of what's inception and what's reality."




Basil: There is too much butter on those trays.

Manuel: No, no. It's not on.those.trays. It's unos.dos.tres.

~Faulty Towers.           NMF



When you learn to lock your

emotions for so long;

it's too hard to find the key.


If my annoyance towards you were icicles,

I'd stab you with them.

~How to be Indie