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So I'm basically single again and it feels weird being without witty so I'm back!!!! I love you guys and I hope being back on witty works for me

Quotes by Saige112

So today I helped out an old teacher of mine and she now works at a school a couple towns over. One of her students kept asking me questions about myself and finishes off with asking "Does you money look different than it does here?" She is in 4th grade and has probably been to my town multiple times in her life
I'm so happy its done.
if we hadn't ended I never would have realized how bad you were for me.
Boys can be stupid.
that's okay.
stupid girls fall for them anyways
Truth be told i miss you and truth be told i'm lying.
Me: *Goes to dance with no makeup*
Girl: You look sick.
Me: Thanks...
Don't mean to brag or anything but, I got hit on by some random guy who asked to take a picture with me.
Last summer my French teacher's father died and she said "He finally gets to meet hus creator" I thought that was a beautiful way of putting it
It snowed. On the second of May.
I can finally fully let go of the past.
I'm in love with Romen Noodles