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Hai. I'm Samantha.
You, however, can call me Sammy or Sam. I like Justin bieber ;D. Yes, I will marry him someday. I also like hanging out with friends, texting, and music. Much more things but I don't want to bore you. Heheheh. Bai for now. Oh and, Read my story 'Tell me that you love me'. Fav it too! It would mean a lot XD.

Quotes by Samamam

Ive  always  wanted
To jump in a car through the window and scream "DRIVE"

You know it's almost summer

When half of the witty quotes are about it
Just walk away
& don't look back
Cause if my heart breaks
It's gonna hurt so bad

Can I ask you a

hypothetical question?

 What would you do if I wanted to kiss you in the rain, be called yours and only yours. If I want to be in the 'perfect' relationship with you. If i wanted to act like complete idiots together. Say the three magical words "I love you". If i wanted to be yours, forever. Be completely crazy in love with each other. Have everyone know all of this. Have our life together. Make each others day better. Make you smile & you make me smile. Be the "perfect two". Cuddle when it's cold. Splash each other in the summer. Have you kiss my nose and call me beautiful. Not be afraid to show that you loved me. Make my days. Stay with me when I'm sick. Make me feel like the luckiest girl in the entire freakin world.
What would you do?

This is, uh, hypothetical of course...


Boy: I got in trouble today mom
Mom: What'd you do?
Boy: I drew a picture instead of taking a dumb test
Mom: A picture of?
Boy: My teacher............. taking a hell

I had a dream about you last night