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Hi. Well I'm Samantha. And I don't have much to say about myself. 

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To my wonderful mommy-
Happy one year of officially being Cancer free.
I'm so very proud of you.
Thank you for surviving.
I love you more than anything.


Okay. So. The plan...
There is this guy that's new to my school. We shall just call him C. I'v been showing him around and introduced him to a few people and he ate lunch with us and stuff. We have a class together. We have a lot in commen, and we get along well. I asked him to hangout tonight, and so I think we are going stargazing. I am so nervous.... I am going to tell him I like him.... But I don't want it to get awkward or weird... I also don't want him to like shoot me down.... ah guys I dunno what to do... I also don't know what to wear. What do you wear to go star gazing???
July 11, 2012.

Situations like this scare me. I start talking to a guy. I start liking this guy. Then he just stops. I text him hoping for a response, and just nothing. I feel incredibly stupid to think this guy might have actually started to like me, and I feel incredibly stupid for starting to like him. Why would a guy like me? I let myself get some confidence built up. I shouldn't do that. Bad things happen when I start to feel happy. Oh well. Back to nothing. Back to hopelessness. 

I doubt people truly understand how depressed,
and tired I feel every day.

I just want to be gone. 
Girls night > Everything. 

Sometimes you have to risk it and give somebody a 2nd chance.

Everything was fine until you decided to come back in to my life. 

I miss you, and your smile.
Just not how terrible you made me feel.

It's incredibly hard loving somebody who doesn't love you too. Every freaking morning you were the first thing to come to my head. Every freaking time we skyped, I fell harder. I was a mess over you. But what else do you expect me to be like when I'm in love with a boy that i'll never be with. A boy 504 miles away.