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Status: I don't care what you think of me, I am me. Don't try & change that.
I believe everyone has a right to an pinion. You are your own person, & nobody should try & change that. You're gorgeous eys, & smile. Something people should never judge you on. I'm on here, not only to make quotes, but to shed some light on the haters, & show you that your gorgeous, I'm really not one of the wittiers who just says your gorgeous to stop you from "commiting" anything, I'm saying you're beautiful and meaning it.Keep your head held high, it belongs up there, no ned to look down on yourself, OR others. Smile more, it looks good on you.Don't cry over a guy, let a guy cry over you, because girls give & forget & guys get & forget.♥
My indefinite favorite witter,
is Jayciecutie01.
because she writes thing from her own brain & doesn't take them from tumblr, or other people.


Quotes by SamanthaNicolePerry

The Awkward moment when;
You see a vegetarian eating an animal cracker.


The Awkward moment when;
You finish a math problem, and then realize your answer wasn't even one of the choices.


The Awkward moment when;
When you wait forever for a text; then you realize it was YOU who didn't reply.


The Awkward moment when;
you accidently chew on a borrowed pencil.


The Awkward moment when;
The dictionarys' definiton is more confusing than the actual word.


The awkward moment when:
you're about to hug someone sexy,
then you head-butt the mirror 


Dear impossible,
screw you,
 i just made a campfire underwater.


I try to accomplish something before
the microwave reaches


Happy Turkey Day

I'm thankful for my cousin to be home from Afghanistan.

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