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Status: I don't care what you think of me, I am me. Don't try & change that.
I believe everyone has a right to an pinion. You are your own person, & nobody should try & change that. You're gorgeous eys, & smile. Something people should never judge you on. I'm on here, not only to make quotes, but to shed some light on the haters, & show you that your gorgeous, I'm really not one of the wittiers who just says your gorgeous to stop you from "commiting" anything, I'm saying you're beautiful and meaning it.Keep your head held high, it belongs up there, no ned to look down on yourself, OR others. Smile more, it looks good on you.Don't cry over a guy, let a guy cry over you, because girls give & forget & guys get & forget.♥
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is Jayciecutie01.
because she writes thing from her own brain & doesn't take them from tumblr, or other people.


SamanthaNicolePerry's Favorite Quotes

Friends: You're beautiful!
Family: How many boyfriends do you have?
School people: Oh look, it speaks.



My name is...




My name is...




My name is...



and i will blow up your notifications! 

everyone that reads this quote, i want you to leave a comment. i want you to say something that makes you different from every other person. 

you are unique, different, and special. you should be proud of that. so 

this is your chance to brag a little and tell everyone what mkes you 


i want everyone on here to realize, life isnt about just being average. its 

about realizing what makes you, you! 

so take this opportunity and show it off (: 

Single is A dollar 
I'm not looking for change

Seven day without love makes one weak

babe if you fall,
I will be the one to catch you<3

joe d hmu!
This quote does not exist.
Please read this:

Girl: "We're going over 100, slow  down,    I'm scared."

Boy: "No, this is fun."

Girl: "No it's not,please slow down.   It's scary."

Boy: "Do you love me?"

Girl:"Yes of course, since day one!"

Guy:"Then tell me you love me."

Girl: I love slow down please."

Guy:"Now give me a BIG hug."

**girl hugs him tight**

Guy:"Can you take my helmet on    and put it on, its bugging me."

In the paper the next day, a article said that a motorcycle crashed 
into a building because of break failure.  Two people, a guy and a
girl were involved but only the girl survived.  Halfway down the
road, the guy had realized his brakes had broke, but he didn't want to scare the girl, so he didn't say anything.  So, he made the
girl say she loved him, and to feel her hug one last time.  Then he
let her wear his helmet so she would live...even if it mean he would die.

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