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Hiya :)

Quotes by Sammiamm

Who has a witty page
and no one else knows about it?

I always take time to read not-visually-attractive quotes.

Because not everything that's pretty is cute and colorful.

My tabs open...

and of course.... WITTY :)

Why do we think taking a sharp piece of metal to remove hair from our legs makes us appealing?
Why do we think dripping hot wax on our eyebrows and then ripping it off makes us cute?
Why do we think starving ourselves for days makes us hotter than girls that eat a lot?
Why do we think acting like we don't give a fvck or that we are dumb makes us cooler than people who just act like themselves?
Why do we think wearing painful shoes to make us tall will make us prettier?
Why do we think straightened  or curled hair is better looking than our natural hair?
Why do we think putting all sorts of chemicals on our faces to cover blemishes and emphasize our eyes and lips makes us lovable?
Why do we think we should cover flaws when none of us have flaws to begin with?
Why do we think big, flashy colors is more artful than simple, plain colors- like this quote?

What's wrong with our society???
There's an advertisment on Witty
For Up All Night by One Direction...
Who else is super fangirling right now? :D

I love coming onto witty at the beginning of the hour
and seeing quotes with 10 or 12 faves :)

When I pressed the "preview your quote button" just now,
It said

Anyone have an inspirational or really sad song?
I'm in the mood to here some :)
Comment pleasee ~~~~~~~~~>>>>> 

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
God made me pretty,
What happened to you?

ahhh Zac Efron why you so hot????