Status: Unfortunately, I'm in love with you, still. <|3
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There's this amazing, gorgeous, perfect, brown eyed, brown haired girl named Meghan LaPoint. She's my world. I love her with everything I have. I'd fall apart without her. She's my everything. I need her.
Baby, you light up my world. 
iloveyou. <3

There's these simple words I tell you all the time:
I love you.
I'm in love with you.
You flip my whole world upside down.
There's nobody I love more than you.
You make me smile from ear to ear.
Baby, you're amazing. The most beautiful person I have ever seen.
You're my one and only.
Your smile, whoof, it is adorable.
I never want to lose you.
My heart is in your hands forever and it's yours to keep. whether you want it or not. You've had the hidden key all along I guess.
Heythereee Buttercup! Its nice to meet you!
My name is Sam, and so far, I have met some
amazing people on hereee!
My Bestfriend;
amyyjeannXD- I truley do love her.
My Witty Bestfriend;
JustToSeeYouSmile- She has amazing quotes.
Check them outt. <3

I have the most amazing friends in history. I love them.
There is my 'Mommy' Rachael (Raechy< Her witty.), She helps me through a lot and I couldn't ask for anything moreee.
Douglas Scott Cable>> What can I say about my baby? My 'little brother', he's adorable and I can't live without him. He hasn't ever hurt me. Dougie is my life. I will love him until the sun stops spinning around the world. <3
Babycakees (amyyjeannxd <3 Her witty); She's my bestfriendd. I love youuu. <3
Beautiful <3 (xoStayBeautifulxo < Her witty)- She's amazing. I just met her like not that long ago and we haven't stopped texting. :]
Another guy I love to death is Brendon E. Molnar. He is amazing. <3
TayTay is my little princess and I don't know what I would do without her support, love, and care for me. She has known me since I was three and she is my little sister forever. She has been there from day one when we met at pre-school. I love you babygirl. You've helped me through everything.
Meghan- My true bestfriend. She's my other half. My Sweets. My Babyy. My Boo. My Munckin. My Pumpkin. My Meggy. My everything. I love her so much. I would be lost without her. I trust her with my life. She knows everything about me.
Beccabooo is my loserrrrrrr. <333333 (zebraalover); We have a love hate relationship.
Jena Bourjeilimish () (xoxofavoritegurlxoxo) she is my daughter and my wife.. However that works... Lmao. She has big boobies. <3
Then there are my sisters and brothers. All of them. I love them so much. They are little , and my off sometimes, but I do love them. That goes to; Alex, Eddie, Grace, Amanda, David, Nikki, Tyler, Stella, Dj, Trevor, and Jr.. Then the air I breathe, it all goes to my babies: Destinie, Blake, Skyler, Matthew, Angie, Dominic, Serenity, Triston, Skyann, and Bentley... You guys are my heart and soul.
I love my nieces and nephews so much. 

If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here if you need me.
My Facebook; Sam Mish

My cellphone; Just ask. :]


Quotes by Samsung

It's hard to see the pain behind the mask bearing the burden of a secret storm sometimes she wishes she was never born.

So it's okay for everyone else to say something about it, but not me? Thanks. I love how you make me feel sometimes. :/
It must mean something when your boyfriend sings you Not Over You by Gavin DeGraw. <3
When you tell me sh*t about my brother, like how he's not protective over me, when I'm his baby, yeah, obviousy I'm going to be just a f*cking little mad. Then you tell me I'm not going to hit you, when you know exactly who I am and who my family is? Yeah okay. Then, when I hit you, not even meaning to hit you in your crotch, you jump up and shove me. Like no, you're a f*cking twenty seven year old man. You don't f*cking touch me like you scare me. You don't. You were making me angry, and I told you that. Next time, don't be a total a** and I might not be so angry. Go shove a d*ck in your f*cking a**. I can't wait for my brother to hear about this. I hope he tells you you're not allowed here a**hole. You've mad me so mad, that I'm shaking. 
When my nephew Skyler was in the car to go home back to Tennessee, I gave him a hug and asked why he looked so sad. He smiled. Then as I walked away, he called out, "Aunt Sammy, Aunt Sammy, Aunt Sammy!" I walked back over to him and he says, "You wanna know why I look so sad?" I nodded my head and he said, "because I don't want to leave you." I literally got tears in my eyes. I'm going to miss them so much.

Went to the ocean today...
Got a new 'best friend' whose name is Michael.
We're now married. <3 

Do you know how to like not complain for a day?
Seriously, get over yourself. 

If you have to sneak to do it, lie to cover it up, or delete it to avoid it being seen... Then maybe you shouldn't be doing it.

I actually thought you really liked me.
To think that I was going to try harder than usual to stop cutting for you.
You're lucky I'm not home so I can't carve into my thighs.
I"d make it visible for you to see at the lake just for the fun of it too... <|3 :'[


Can I just go like die now? Yeah, that'd be wonderful! <|3