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Hey there strangers of all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and  faces. Guess what? You're all beautiful<3  I know you're probably thinking I'm just saying this to sound sweet; but I'm really not. I don't have a perfect Vitoria's Secret body, now do I feel like I need one to feel pretty and to fit in. Because If everyone was the same; this world would be a boring place to live. ANYWAYSS , my name is Sandra; obviously. Although , because of my cousin, Bella, (she's two !) My name is RaRa... so , call me whatever ,! Well , my birthday falls on September 13th, and I'm fouteen years young. Gonna be 15 in 16 days c': I can't wait!!<3 So , that boy in my pictures? That would be me perfect boyfriend, Walter. In 15 days; it'll be our 3 months. Now, I know what you're all thinking right now, 'Oh. She's too young to love someone.' Well go ahead and think what you want. Wanna know why? Because I DO love him. He helped me quit my awful addiction of cutting. He makes me so, so, so happy. He saved my life; I really do believe that he's my angel; and God sent him to me because he knows how long I've been suffering, and giving me Walter; he made it all up to me. Therefore; I truly do love him. He really is my everything and I don't care if you think I'm too young; because all that really matters is that we love each other. <3
So , I wrote about Walter already, so I guess I'll write about my favorite things and my passion. Let's start with favorites ! :3
Favorite .....
Animal? Cats :'3
Friend? Aliciaa. <3
Role Model? Jenna Marbles.
Color? Hot Pink , !
Band? He Is We.
Song? Forever And Ever.
Movie? Anugs, Thongs, And Perfect Snogging.
Show? The Walking Dead.
Singer? Ed Sheeran
Hobby? Dancing.
That's really all the favorites I can think of right about now, so I guess I'll talk about my passion.
So , my passion is dancing. I've been dancing since I was three; and I was accompanied by my best friend; Alicia<3 Sadly; a few years later, she injured her knee and wasn't allowed to dance anymore )': Anyways , once she had to stop, I only stuck with tap and jazz, and then quit for a year because I couldn't dance with her. But I missed it more than I thought so I went back the following year, without her .. Then, after that year, I took hip hop for two years. And now I go to a dance school up in Carbondale; and I take 5 classes. Starting with tap, then pointe, then regular ballet ,then jazz, then hip hop (: Although , Alicia DOES wanna start dancing again ; and I am determined to get her back to the studio ; wish me luck , ! I love you guisee<3

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So, after tonight, I just realized that we wittians are actually a family. Despite all of our fighting that's been going on between us all, about Nutella, One Direction, and Gay Marriage, we overcame that. There was a girl who went by the username of tumblrrslutt. We all fought agaisnt her and defended witty like a family should. We protected each other. And whether Steve read our comments toward her or not, I'm sure he's proud. I love you guys.
-Not mine, just thought it was cute.
Yes , I am forever ALONE.
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You're fifteen.

You should be feeling butterflies in your stomach; not a baby kicking.





So, I'm completely terrified.
Today , we got our class listings for school. Being in high school now, I only find out who's in my first class of the day. As I'm looking through the list of names off all the kids in my grade, I find out that I'm in the same class as my boyfriend's ex. She absolutely hates me. I don't know why; it's not like I was ever her friend; I've never even talked to her before. Ever. I'm terrified that she'll try to start something with me, now that we'll be near eachother, every single day, for the next ten months. She's a horrible person; she does awful things. What if she tried to pull something? What's gonna happen to me? I'm now terrified for the first day of school. Thanks so much Swollenballsack. For officially making my life a living he//.

Sorry guys, I'm just venting , you don't have to read it; I just , needed to get it out of my system.. If you did read it, thanks for the time..

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Thanks for listening ^.^

Prettier In Pink
~Chapter Nine~
By the time the bell rang for fourth period, I was already sure of how I was going through with my suicide plan tonight. When I sat down in my desk, my math teacher had gotten a phone call. "Ainsley? Someone's waiting for you in the office, they're hear to pick you up. Here's a pass, go ahead and get your stuff and I'll see you tomorrow" Mrs. Gomez said , handing me a pass to my locker.
"Thanks," I said, faking a half smile. I took my time walking to my locker, clearing my head of all thoughts, not knowing who was here, at school, to come and pick me up. I was half hoping it'd be my parents, coming to say that they've been on some secret mission for the past few years and they had to fake their death to get away from me. The other half was praying it was Harper.  I opened up my locker, and grabbed my bag before closing my locker and walking to the office to await whoever was there for me. I walked in, only to see a guy talking to the woman at the front desk. He turned his head when I walked in and smiled. "Man, Ainsley. Little Ainsley.You grew up a lot.  I haven't seen you since you were about five or six. You don't remember me, do you?" He said, grinning."Um, no.. I'm sorry, I really don't..." I said, quietly, kind of embarrassed. He chuckled a bit."It's me, Ethan. We used to be best friends and neighbors until I moved?" "Oh, yeah! That's right! Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry I didn't realize it was you!"
"It's fine, come on. Let's go, I've got something for you." He waved to the woman at the front desk as we walked out to his car, my heart racing a million miles per hour. God, even ten years later, he still looked beautiful. I couldn't believe I didn't realize it was him. "So, where'd that cut come from?" He said, motioning towards my face. As a reaction, I quickly covered the cut on my face with my hand. "Oh, um.. that?" I said, panicking, "It's just um, you know, from my aunt's cat.. Um, Tillie, yeah, Tillie, the cat." Oh great, he thinks I'm a total freak now. He isn't going to want anything to do with me, I just know it, No, Ainsley, shut up. He's here for a reason, just shut up.
He took my hand off my face and looked at the cut, "Really? That doesn't look like a cat scratch to me.. Why don't you just tell me what really happened? Along with the rest of the scars on your arms and the one on your neck that I can see?"
"Well, it's been hard, I'm not sure if you've heard. But, when I was seven, I lost my parents in a car accident. Ever since, I've lived with my insanely abusive drug crazy aunt, which has been Hell. I have depression, and I just finished therapy for my Anorexia Nervosa, but nothing's stopped the cutting. I'm addicted, and I can't help it. I wish I never would've picked up the blade on that first night, it was such a mistake. But, I didn't know what else to do, so I just let loose. That's when I knew that cutting was my addiction; my only escape."
"Well, Ainsley, you're absolutely beautiful, and nothing's going to change that. I came here today, to pick you up because I needed to tell you something, something important. And, now I really need you to listen, even though this might sound insane, every little word that's about to come out of my mouth is true. So, are you listening?"I drew in a deep breath, then let it out, "Yeah, I am.""Well, Ainsley, ever since we were little and would always play together, I've had a crush on you. When my parents and I moved away, I was heartbroken because I knew it'd be years until I actually got to see you again. And then when I was old enough, and started having girlfriends, I couldn't do it. every single time I looked into another girls eyes, I saw you. I'm crazy about you Ainsley, I love you..."

~Aww! Cute, right? well, I hope you like it; andddd... here's Ethan ! :
Prettier In Pink
~Chapter Eight ~
I woke up the next morning at about three. My face was covered in blood; some fresh from the opened wound and some dry from where it had sat for a few hours. My vision was still blury from all of the tear I had cried the previous night. I knew I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep so I snuck down the hall to my bathroom. I locked the door and shoved the magazine rack underneath the door handle so my aunt couldn't get in. I looked at myself in the mirror, in nothing my my bra and underwear, underneath all the blood, cuts, bruises, and scars, I saw a beautiful fifteen year old girl. I smiled; I had my mother's eyes and my dad's nose. I smiled, knowing that they were still with me, it gave me a feeling of peace in my heart. I took  in a deep breath then sighed, I turned on the shower, waiting for the water to get hot before stepping in. I scrubbed off the blood from my body, then washed my hair before getting out. I looked at myself if the mirror again, once I got out, and still saw the pure, beautiful me, without scars or bruises or cuts, and smiled. So I tried something a little different today. I stayed away from my dark, cakey, makeup, and went for a light look to bring out my eyes. then, instead of my normal dark outfit, I wore a pair of my lighter blue skinny jeans and a cream American Eagle top. I took a deep breath, only God knowing what I was going to get my self into, slipped on my shoes, grabbed my bag, and walked out the door. Knowing I was early, I took my time walking to school, enjoying the fresh spring air. I walked through the ugly turquoise doors at the main entrance, and walked to my locker. I grabbed my books and headed off towards homeroom. I sat in the back corner like any other day, when Principle Fisherman walked in and crossed her arms. "Well, well, well, looks like someone decided to get an early start today, Miss Ainsley." she said , b/tchy as usual. God , was this woman always on her period?
"Yeah, I figured I'd try something new for once. Why, is that wrong of me? I'm just trying to be a better person." I said, just to try to throw her off track.
"Well good, I'm glad you finally see it my way. It's about time you've started meeting our expectations. Let's keep it this way, and we won't have any more problems. Got it?"
"Yeah, thanks for not giving up on me Principle Fisherman, it means a lot. Really. Have a good day."
She walked away without saying anything, little did she know, I was planning my death for tonight as we spoke...
~Sorry it took so long guys,! here you goo~
Prettier In Pink
~Chapter 7~
It's been a year,  so much has changed. I'm back to health.The scars are still getting worse.They've gotten much worse since Harper left last month without even saying goodbye. I miss her a lot more than I thought I would. Maybe it's because she really was the only one I trusted and because she was my only friend. I can't take it anymore. I know you're going to be ashamed of me for this, but I'm leaving tomorrow.  No one wants me, and I miss you two. I love you guys, see you soon. Ainsley
I closed my notebook. So many things running through my head, I just couldn't think straight. The whole room was spinning I grabbed my blade. The ringing in my earsjust got worse. I couldn't stop crying.  I held the blade to my wrist.I made my way to my other wrist,until the tears stopped and I looked in the mirror. I saw a hideous monster, covered in revoulting scars and dripping blood. I held the blade to my face, that was beautiful, unscarred, until this moment. I whispered to myself, "No one could love a beast like me." With the tears running down my face, I held the blade right at my cheekbone, making my way down to my jaw. I looked straight at myself, into the mirror, and in one swift movement, I had a gash on the left side of my face.I screamed, the pain was too much to deal with. stumbling, I made my way to my bed, and collapsed right at the end of it.
~Alright! Sorry I didn't post last night, I was uber sick! I hope you enjoy~