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Quotes by Saraa99

I fall.Once again.You make me feel like nobody else.And then-POW.Abracadabra and you gone.You leave me.
I went to my room.Hugged pillow and cryed for a long time.I feel like nobody notice my tears.Like billion people is walking around me and seeing me cry but they just pass. So i only have one choice -stand on legs again and forgot you.It is so easy to tell but so hard to do.Finally,i get up.My friend comes to me.She listened me for an long time.She gived me advice what helped me to see the better world without you.I went to park to walk my dog. And then.You already have another?!I hide behind three and watching you.She has got a blond hair.Perfect butt and perfect brown eyes.I send you a text message.I hear it rings on your phone.I hear you kissing girl. "It is my ex.Bored one. She cant live without me."And that breakes me.I raned to him and sayed."I see it now.You never deserved my love.You cross of my heart like it is toy.But finally,,i get it.I DONT NEED YOU.
That awkward  moment
when i'm in car and my mum listen to old music.Then she amplify the music and sing, and i saw my friends looking to my car with WTF face.What a shame!

 I got angry when i'm in the car on the long trip and there just bored songs.then, when we are nearly there , crazy, party song is on. -_-