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Quotes by Sarah27

The other day my friend and I were talking about how stupid our boobs were because they never grow, then I said
Actually I guess my boobs are pretty smart, they're always getting A's :p

Is it too much to ask to have atleast an hour of pure happiness without something going wrong? Or someone in my life to always make me smile and feel happy :(
Life becomes ten times more beautiful when you see an opprotunity of love.
I miss that feeling of feeling needed and having an extra special purpose.
I miss how you used to be excited to see me every time you saw me.
I miss the words pretty and beautiful coming out of your mouth to describe me.
I miss that thing called a smile on my face.
I miss how we didn't admit it to each other, but both just knew we really wanted one another.
I miss how everyone would know about us when we weren't official.
I miss when you didn't ignore me.
I miss that warm fuzzy feeling and corny happy look on my face whenever you'd send a cute text.
I miss the old you.
But i realize there is no "old you."
It's still you... but except now your that sweet boy to another girl</3.

all minne.
not exactly pretty, but that's life.

Boys as great as you,
deserve like a Taylor Swift song or something♥
You Only Fail When You Stop Trying    -Bob Marley

two teens
l ost in each others eyes.
lost in the world;
lost in life's lies.

not my fade.m

remember all those times
i swore i needed you?
well, consider them lies.
because baby,
here i am without you & i survived.
-Lil Wayne

am i the only one..
who loves my boyfriend but, really misses being single
and free and just having all girl time alll the time? And not
having to deal with the added problems?