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*S T A   F A B U L O U S*

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Quotes by SarahDGirl

A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

What's the point of blurring out the middle finger on TV?
It's not like you had me fooled.
What's behind all that blur?
An umbrella?
An elephant?

Mom 3 hours ago:
We'll only be staying for 30 minutes.

If a murderer wanted to lure me out of my room, all they'd have to do is turn off my wifi
because I'm sure as hel/ gonna see why it ain't working.

That weird moment
when someone you barely know ends up in your dream.


That awkward moment

when youre being sarcastic
and someone believes you.


I hate when I loose stuff at school,
like my pencils and papers and life ambitions.


Why I don't like some people:
1% An actual logical reason.
99% I just don't.


I will stop loving you
when Spongebob gets his driving license.


Me: I'd like a coke, please.
Waitress: Is pepsi okay?
Me: Is Monopoly money okay?