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Hi I'm Sarah, well there isn't much to know about me... Just a girl trying to figure things out. 

Quotes by SarahKay98

So many things that I wanna know
But I'll never understand

Too many people in this world

to let just one keep you down.

I wouldn't know what to say
if I had you

wake me up when it's all over
Sometimes your heart needs time
to accept what your mind
already knows.

Whatever happened to just being You.
Some people talk to you in their free time,
and some people free their time to talk to you.
I'm not a procrastinator,
I just save my work until the last second because i will be older and therefore wiser.

Hold on to Hope

What you need to understand is that when i say I don't care, deep down,
like really deep down...
I still don't care.