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Quotes by SarahLovesYouu

I find myself comparing myself to you every day. ugh.
not sure how I feel about highschool yet. but all I know is I'm losing the people closest to me, & I hope I can make new & better friends.
I am so in love with Bo Burnham unfffffffffff he's so attractive and hilarous, and I'm just amazing at how fuckking smart that kid really is. wow.
wow, of course I have to go and screw everything up. I guess I need to learn to keep my opinions to myself instead of trying to fix things, cause they always turn out worse than how it was before.
you were the last person in the world who I thought would play me like that, but you did. you're a dickk. I hate you.
ugh, I promised myself I wouldn't do this again... I just hope it doesn't turn out the same. I kinda hate myself for this. but whatever. It doesn't matter.