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Quotes by Sarah_518

You are really mad because you think I was talking to other boys ?
We've been dating for 11 months now .. I'm in love with you . I mean it ..
I would never be able to look at a boy the same way I look at you .
You just need to understand that I'd never do anything to make you leave me .
- I wish some people cared about me for once .. *
I always ruin everything , I always mess up everything , it's always me doing the wrong thing right . ? Well thank you so much , You ruined my whole night & I'm sitting here crying my eyes out on Valentines Day . I've always hated Valentine's Day & this is why ! This is why I hate it so much ! You don't care one bit ! We've been together almost 11 months & you say the most hurtful things to me knowing what I go through . I hate it so much , I wish I could change , Make everything better but I keep saying I NEED to change but you're the one who really needs to change .. You always find away to hurt me & ruin my day but I'm still with you . ? YEAH , Because I LOVE you , With all my heart & I could never ever let go no matter what , I'm in love with you ! Yeah , HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYBODY !!!
  Dear Public Restrooms,  I will deside when I'm done going to the bathroom . k thanks : )
I've always wanted to run outside butt naked but it'd be weird, Imagine driving in your car seeing a teenager running down the road with no clothes on .. Akward !
I wonder ...
- What people think when they look at me.
I sWeAr I'm ReAlLy InLoVe WiTh YoU ..
This is the only place I can honestly let everything out . It's where all my private quotes are that nobody I really know can see .. But I think it's time I need to let everything out . Well here's my story .. My names Sarah , Let's start off with I've beengoing through hell & pain I can't get rid of . I can't live one day without being depressed , I can't be happy & nobody can make me happy as long as they try . School ; I go through school every single day with nervous in my stomach & crying myself to sleep every single night because I don't fit in there .. I don't have a lot of friends . I have a boyfriend , He makes me happy a little but not really we always fight about stupid things & he blames it all on me , I can't trust him & I don't know why .. We've been together almost 9 months now & he means everything to me but I'm still hurting everyday because I worry to much , He just doesn't understand one bit . I try to explain but he doesn't listen .. Nobody ever listens to me , I don't know why I talk or even breathe .. I always end up putting my all out to people & always getting hurt in the end , Maybe I should stop trying . I don't even know . I always go to my bestfriend & complain how I hate my life , She trys to help but nothing ever works . My mom ; I'm scared to talk to her , She just says it's all gonna be okay when it's really not .. I wish my life would just change & I could be better , I wanna be happy so bad but I just can't , I try .. I think .. It doesn't work . I give up so quick because I'm tired of being hurt & put down . I smoke weed to take away all my pain but sometimes it doesn't really work . I want people to like me & not hate me just because of my past , I wanna be loved & cared about . I want everything to be better so bad . I wish I could just wake up tm & my whole life would be started over & I'd have a fresh start but that wouldn't happen . I always lay in bed at night , listen to music & look at the seeling & ask myself why the world is so sad & depressing & why god chose me to do this too , I never did anything in my life to hurt anybody .. Nobody deserves this , being depressed , bullied , feeling like nothing every second of the day .. & walking in to school watching everybody pass you in halls & not bother to care about you or even look at you or ask if your okay or how you've been . It hurts so much , I hate this pain .. I want it to all go away .. Yes , Some people have it worse but I hate this depressing life I have . But well yeah , There's my story ..