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Quotes by Sarah_xo

it used to be the reason I breathe  
but now it's choking me up  

don't try to run
before you learn to walk


on the shore, in the rain, I'll wait    
till I see my love again  


I would sail across the east sea,

   just to see you on the farside

    I feel you in my heart,
                  and I don't even know you


       I know you think
    that I'm someone
     you can trust

it's only you, beautiful

You are calm and reposed, let your beauty unfold.
Pale white like the skin {  s t r e t c h e d  } over your bones.
Spring keeps you ever close, you are second hand smoke.
You are so fragile and thin, standing trial for your sins.
Holding on to yourself the [ b e s t ] you can,

                         you are the smell before rain,
                           you are the blood in my veins.

the boy who blocked his own shot/brand new

I'm sinking like a stone in the sea,
I'm burning like a bridge for your body


than  love,     love,  (loved)

for what you're not