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Quotes by Sarahbriskk

Last Night He Was Missing....

They couldn't find him.
The knock on the door at 1 in the morning was his best friend.
He wanted to know if he was with me.
He wasn't.
I was worried.
Worried about him.
I realized I will never forgot the boy who made me feel beautiful when skies were gray.
I'm still in love with him.
But constantly reminded that someone like him could ever love a girl like me

So heres to the girls who can't let go of something beautiful.  
How come you
have enough time to go out and make other girls fall in love with you
but you don't have any time to pay attention
to the girl who already is


Not mine :)
Just Once
would you take my side?
I'm right sometimes too.

Last Night
He kissed me

on the forehead

I still felt like a princess


But like a
Colorful Bloom of Temporary Lights
in the sky we will [all] eventually f a d e


Chad Suggs  :)

Don't Tremble Because They Hate You
Thrive Because They Just Don't Understand It


Chad Suggs :)

If the sky was falling
you'd think the world was ending.
Maybe it would just want someone to catch it.
Falling is easier when you're not alone.

Chad Suggs :)
But honestly I can’t get over you. (1) 

He grabbed me from behind near the waist; I shuddered but smiled faintly and looked up into his deep crimson eyes.

“Remember when we dated?” He laughed and pulled me closer. I died inside.

“Oh yeah I remember, that it never happened.” We both laughed and he continued to walk me towards the front hall.

“It’s okay I still love you”

“Yeah I love you too,” I smirked; he winked, said bye and ran off the parking lot.

I looked at my hands, I was trembling. The truth is I was in love with him and I had wished everyday that we would date, his sarcastic but amazing remarks always faltered within my heart. Tucker was truly someone special but the problem is, is I’ve never been able to tell if he ever liked me or this was his natural stance with girls. I’ve liked him ever since sophomore year… I’m currently applying to colleges. This boy made me weak in the knees every time saw him. Now don’t get me wrong, when you’re in love it’s great, but the problem is --when you fall out it. It's hard to get over people; I mean really get over them. You might start to have feelings for other people, but it doesn't mean you're over him, you’re just moving on. But I’m having trouble moving on from the first boy who made me feel beautiful in several kinds of ways.

I remember the first time I saw him. There he was. Sitting 3rd period, sophomore year. Tucker. Cute and Meek. I hadn’t ever really glanced his way. He didn’t talk much. I assumed he was just shy. He had just transferred from private school. But with time grew conversation and feelings. He was always there for me even when he didn’t know it.

I’m a senior now.  We’ve drifted apart. I could have sworn we were going to get married. I still think it sometimes when we talk and that leads me to today. Alone, never been kissed, 18.

“KELLY.” I could hear my best friend Rachel scream my name from across the steps.
“Let head to the parking lot together, you know I hate walking alone.” She laughed and dipped down and followed Tuckers shadowed footsteps.

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deserves a girl whose perfect for him;; even if its not me.

Redo of old quote:)) 
my teacher had everyone write a sentence
about the person they were in love with
I scribbled down my sentence thinking of how much I missed you.
At that moment I remembered every detail of your face and how are hands intertwined so perfectly.
Then I glanced across the room and you faded back into summer