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Quotes by Sarahh_Bearr

Here he comes. Look at those eyes. The way he walks. Is he not everything you've ever wanted?
He walks up to you, flashes you a smile, and starts ranting about nothing in particular. You look on.
You can't sayanything. You're captured by his stare, incapable to look anywhere but the center of
his face.Every once in a while, you nod, just so he knows you're listening, even when you're not .
You study the intricate kaleidoscope of colors in his eyes; green with flecks of everything else in the
visiblecolor spectrum. You then widen your stare to his full face, memorizing it, hoping it will be in
your dreams that night. You don't dare to look away, for even blinking would miss part of your
time spent with the boy you are hopelessly infatuated with. Your eyes focus on his lips,and you
can't help but wonder...He then says "bye," and leaves. You feel totally breathless for no explainable
reason;there is no sense to it.You watch him. He walks slowly.Then he stops and kisses his girlfriend.
And for a fraction of a second, you wish you were her. All of these emotions take place in about 30 seconds

Now tell me it's not tough to be a teenage girl .
I was having a really bad day on Friday.
People were judging    me   because  I
was wearing an   oversized   shirt.    My
family is having a rough time  with   our
money, so it kind of hurt. We went on
a field trip to this museum. All  of   the
sudden, the  g u y  I like comes up  t o
me. He    s  m i l e s    ,    and       says

You look pretty!   "
It literally made me feel 100x better   .
About the day. And about myself       .

& and to the random girl from my school
stalking me on here and on my formspring...
you can go and suck it :) 
the other day i was walking with him in the hallway.
he said something. i got nervous and started ranting  .
and he smiled. like, genuinely     <3      .
someone said it was because he thought what i was doing was cute      .
but all i could think was      ...
"see this? see how much fun we're having? now tell me
And I hate the way he makes me feel.
How he's keeping me on my  t o e s  ,
making me believe that there's actually
a chance for something that I know  ♥
there never will be         <|3
I ' M  S O  B A D .
I'm in computer science class ;)
but there are dreams that cannot be, <|3
and there are storms we cannot weather
-I Dreamed A Dream, Les Miz

 You're SERIOUSLY wasting your energy
complaining about what a website looks like         ?
Go do some homework. It's much more productive :)
 You're so distant, I can hardly read you <|3