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I love talking about my crush he's the only reason why enjoy waking up for a school day and dread weekends. Also i love the funny quotes. This profile is really lame but wat chu goonna do u no? well peace i guess. Black and watever tis color is, it's my favorite colors. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Quotes by Saraisthebomb

 I love you Juan 
I'm not yet over you.
I will always love you 

-Pinky Promise♥
i loved you for FOUR years and you still don't care my brain says give up moron but my heart says give you more time i have to agree with my brain now :( i can't let you go though
Trying to forget about you but that failed.  You on the other hand could care less
oh, snapsies i have to toot :(
  The Akward Moment
  when you make a weird face and your crush walks by.

Am i really just a stalker to you someone who's madly in love with you then you don't understand how i feel inside how you make me think twice to go to school your the reasons but you never notice and thats a shame. ♥

How did we go wrong?
Darling everythings on fire- Taylor Swift
                                Safe and Sound                             New Hunger Game song please listen to it it's beautiful. ♥