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Hello sexual, well I guess this is where i tell you about myself. I'm 14 years old just glubbin through life. haha I am very awkward. I like funny people, and chocolate milk, and your face. Music is everything. Food is everything. I like fried chicken, man. I dunno it just feels so good to be gangster. I live in the most boring of states. Me and the sun are not friends. I'm short, man. But I like being short, and standing next to tall people. What is life, man? Well now I'm just saying random stuff so Ima stop okay? okay bye. Nobodys even gonna read this. FISH

I'm not an asshole, I just don't give a fuck alot.

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Whenever You Feel Like a Genius,
Remember there was a time in your life when you were learning not to sh¡t your pants.

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* My best friend's and my conversation*

: What if Romney wins?!
Best Friend: Then I call picking oranges in the morning shift.
Me: Get your cotton gins ready.

no offense to Romney lovers.

Sorry, I can't hangout.
My Uncle's cousin's sister-in-law's best friend's insurance agent's roomate's pet goldfish died. Maybe next time ;)  

 p ro best frien U  r-nmq

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» it's too little to go out alone :)

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me: shhhh do you hear that??

me: it's the winds of me not giving a f.uck

me:  (>•u•)> ~ ♦ ¤  ¤* ♦ ~
   ♦~ ¤~ ♦~ * ¤* ♦~* ¤ ♦ *


"Don't genius live in lamps!?"
                                              -Patrick Star :D

Frank Ocean's birthday is tomorrow..!
I'm like a fireman, I turn the  H0ES on...

"The moment I realize it's all in my mind,
                                        the moment I hate the Most"
                                                                                             -Kid Cudi

When people ask dumb questions
                 it makes me want to slap them with a piece of chicken.