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I'm an a$$hole. Have a problem? Too fricking bad. You can report me for all I care.

Don't expect me to sugar-coat things for you.
I have different opinions. Deal with it.
I say whatever I think. I don't have a filter. "Filters are for coffee and cigarettes." (Simon from 'City of Bones')

Ugh... I can't swear here. :/ I guess I do have a filter here.

I'm pretty weird a lot of the time. I can be nice, but I wouldn't bet on it if I were you.

I have problems, but so does everyone, so I suck it up.

I'm an atheist. I believe religion makes next to no sense and I refuse to believe in something simply for the purpose of "making myself feel better".
I choose to see the ugly truth of this world, instead of blinding myself with a seemingly beautiful lie.

I'm not stupid. Far from it.
I'm not crazy, I'm insane.
I hate ignorance and stupidity.
Don't talk to me unless you know how to write properly. Is that too much to ask? I guess so, considering the never-ending supply of morons on the internet.

I create my own quotes and poems. If I post one that isn't mine (which most likely isn't going to happen), you will always see the name of the real author underneath it.

I hate the fact that most people here always just repost a bunch quotes from Tumblr or whatever. And then 50 million others do the same thing.

People who favourited my earlier quotes or followed me for them may have noticed they are now missing.
I took them down, since I found many of them too personal to keep them posted on the internet.

Quotes by SarcasticRandomUnicorn

A person should always be stronger
Than any weapon they may hold

Don't believe a word I say
I'll deceive until I die
I sow my mouth shut
And keep all of it inside
Hiding behind all my lies
I once told him
I couldn't imagine life without him

Yet it has been months
And I'm still breathing

Even though sometimes
I wish I wasn't
I have never believed in God
But you made me believe in heaven

Love isn't something you plan for
No matter how often or how little you may try to do so
I learned that the hard way

I never wanted love
I honestly thought the whole idea was stupid and overrated
But God, the way he made me feel

I was on top of the world
Yet I was still buried under it
I had everything
But nothing at all

And somehow, I started to think that love may not be such a bad thing afterall
That I was wrong about it

I was tricked by the deception that was love
Trapped in our heavenly ephemeral infinity

Until one day
It was gone
And so was he

And I realised how blinded I really was
And I wished that love was something you could plan for
So that I could have planned for it to never happen to me

Oh no!
How will I ever get over all of my first world problems?
There are just so many!