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Really starting to get tired of the "Pending Moderation" stuff. Come on what happened to freedom of speech?

I use to love being called "Doll" but now when i hear it it reminds me how badly i miss hanging out with you. And thats over now, our friendship is messed up since now your dating her again, and she hates me.
So much that needs to be said but are just words that are left unspoken. 
Words are as sharp as swords, so use them wisely .
Looking back makes everything hurt. But looking forward makes it all worth the ride. 
Feel like going somewhere and dancing my heart out so I can forget the world around me. ♥ 



not my format
When i listen to Dont Blink by Kenny Chesney all i can think is its all true. It seems like yesterday i was laying there in the grass with my cousin who has passed away wishing we were older. I realized not to take life for granted, and to have the best time. Because you never know when it could just end, or its all gone before you know it. Live life to the fullest and face up to your mistakes because you are only alive once. Remember my Witty sister and brothers "Dont Blink" <3
Do you like a guy?

What color is his hair:
What style is it:
What color eyes: 
 cute smile:

What grade is he in:
How did you meet him:
 football game when i was in 8th grade
How long have you known him:
like 3years
Would you consider him your friend:
one of my bestfriends.
Would he consider you his friend:
one of his bestfriends!
If you asked him for a hug, would he give you one: 
dont need to ask
 Does he play any sports: 
No but he regrets not playing football, he wouldve been one of the bests:)
 Can he play the guitar: 

 What about any other musical instruments
Does he do anything illegal?
 not anymore we both changed for eachother
Have you joined him?

not yet thats the only way we will do it is together
Last thing he said to you: 
"your my everything"
 Do you guys ever text: 
Describe something he would wear on a typical day:
Jeans, Band t-shirt, and a hat (that usually becomes mine when he gets new one)
 What's your favorite thing you've seen him wear
jeans and his black dress shirt with a black beater underneath or just a beater
Least favorite thing about him:
sometimes plays video games too much, but he still pauses the games to text me even though hes about to die<3
Do you think that he likes you back:
Do your friends know that you like him:
 everyone knows
Do any of your teachers know that you like him:
lmao oh god yes we got in some trouble last year lol
 Do they know he exists
of course he had a lot of them
Have you met his parents:

yes i have i've met alot of his familyy too. 

Yea I have 12 piercings so what? Its what I want and you cant do anything about it. You cant change me at all. Yes I do plan to get a lot more, even a lot of tattoos. I'm not going to change for you or anyone else. It's my body I'll modify it as much as I want.