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Live, love, laugh<3 

Heya, My Name Is Savanah.   Im A Shy Girl If I Dont Know You. Loud And Talkitive If We're Close. And Extremely Insercure. But Im Me, And If You Dont Like It Than Go Somewhere. These Are To The People That Get Me Through The Day;
Rachael Kaye, I LOVE You To Pieces. Dont Ever Change. Your An Amazing Person.<3

Kenzie Webb, Don't change<3 love you girl. 

Mac Lanigan, You A Lil Behind...

Sarah Delaney, LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. you mass murderer! tsk tsk... smh.

Kayla Payton, Bestfriends Sense, Well Forever! Your Legit Like My Sister. And I Love You To Death. <3

Megan, i miss enlgish from last year. :(

i love youu all. thanks for always being here. <3

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Quotes by Savanahh_Jordan

growing up.
it scares me.
cuz im afraid i'll mess it all up.


those annoying girls on facebook who;
take way to many picture s of themselves. and look PERFECT in all of them.
and im like, yep.
i see why he would go for her.
but hey, at least i have a life.

not my format

i wonder what it would be like to date yourself.
like think about it. we have this stupid list as to why we are still single.
"i cant date my favorite actor."
"i cant date my favorite character"
"i cant date my computer"
and than something along the lines as "i cant date myself."
but really think about what it would be like if they made a male you.
and you ended up dating. would you deal with him? or so to say, yourself? it makes you think as to how you would treat him doesn't it? good, it should.

and yes. this was my stupid rant as to what it would be like to date yourself.



everybody hurts...
some days.
It's okay to be afraid,
Everybody hurts, everybody screams.
Everybody feels this way and it's okay.


& it feels like



you built up a world of magic ,
cuz your real life is tragic.


I want a guy who..
will have play fights with me.




I want a guy who..
gets jealous, but not  to jealous.




I want a guy who..
will take cute pictures with me.




Things That Bother Me.

when you have nobody to text, phone has a full battery charge.
when someone important text you, your phone is close to dying.