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Quotes by SaveAdaliax33

My friends call me : the queen of comebacks
so from now on I'll start adding them on here.

Heart for comebacks  


I've lost all my sanity years ago...         

Confession 7 

I feel too disgusting to listen to love songs. Everytime I look in the mirror I feel like breaking down and crying.

"I hate people."

"You do realize that you're a person too, right?"

Format by Sandrasaurus

What did the grass say to the gardener?

"Where my hose at?"


♥ if you get it


Confession  6 

I always wanted to be different and I truly DO feel different. My biggest fear is being normal cause then I'd be like everyone else. Just like everyone else...

Confession 4 

I never let people get the best of me. I always defy anyone (specifically my dad) that tries to make me fall to the ground and cry. 

Confession  4 

My policy for looking up stuff: If it isn't on google, it doesn't exist.

Confession 3  

I tried cutting myself this week. in the shower. about 6-10 times. NOT EVEN A SCRATCH. I'm taking that as a sign now.

Confession 2

I'm so alone all the time and it kills me. Every day.

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