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You know what the worst comeback EVER is?

- Go Somewhere.

Seriously bro. WHERE'S THE CREATIVITY!? THAT'S IT!? "Just Go somewhere"
it's like "Oh okay bro. I'll go in your mom. Is that cool?" 
Confession 1

I'm worried that I truly have a mental disorder... I'm obsessed and I can't leave it behind me...

Heart for confessions
How come fruit flies eat fruit but butterflies don't eat butter? I mean seriously. The person who invented English really didn't think these things out much...

Just when I thought my life was coming together,I realized it was just starting to fall apart all over again

"How's your boyfriend?"

"He's feeling a bit nonexistent..."

My dad told me to turn off the sprinklers, so I went outside to turn them off. Then I walked into a spider web and ran inside screaming. :3

felt like sharing  ♥ 

If babies and dogs are the best judges of character,

Then puppies must be gods.
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If a pair of too short shorts are worn with leggings underneath, should it still be against dress code?

Fav for No. Comment for Yes. Thank you ^-^

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