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SaveAdaliax33's Favorite Quotes

A male celebrity can literally beat his girlfriend half to death
and still have a successful career
A female celebrity can gain a few pounds and she's shunned, mocked,
and ridiculed by thousands of people over many different mediums.
why don't they have big hyped up award shows for books
i mean
best male/female character
best antagonist 
best plot development
best plot twist
come on
It's horrible that I don't even think of myself as a person...
Me: i like this character
Character: *dies*


I hate when girls act dumb 

because they think it looks cute


My little sister is getting made fun of at school because she's adopted.
This is what she responded with, "Well, my parents chose me. Your's are stuck woth you." 

I'm fine with gay people as long as they don't make out in front of me.
I'm fine with straight people as long as they don't make out in front of me. Stop making out in front of me. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

can't see their wings.
they can't see how truly
beautiful they are, but
everyone else can.
people are like that as well.

f o r m a t   j i m m y 3 6 5 


i wanna audition for all the ugly roles
in movies because if you get the part, you're in a move which is pretty cool, but if you don't get the part it means that you're not ugly enough for it which is also cool.

I passed a real gentleman in Boston a few weeks ago.
Dude (into cellphone): I'M GOING TO BREAK YOUR F//CKING JAW. THE NEXT TIME I SEE YOU, DO YOU HEAR ME? YOUR F//CKING JAW. I'M GONNA BREAK--hold on, give me a second. There's a lady walking by.