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Hi! I'm Beatrice! Im nearly 16, and I live in the giant rain magnet I refer to as England.

i am severely addicted to the inbetweeners, and my favourite character is Neil. I can't stand the American version of it though...

Quotes by SayNoToGnomes

Anyone else just feel like screaming?
Feeling sad?
Youtube ----> Jenna Marbles ------> Laugh
Me: Alrighty, Internet 'explorer', i'm GOOGLE CHROME.
Me: Dammit i have windows 8. I'm too lazy to change my default.
The new Marmite advert.
Oh my days.
What if rappers rapped about nice things?
"Yo, gurl, imma rip yo clothes off...
and fold them nicely"
Sometimes I just want to shout 'no'to the girls in my class who think they are perfect.

I got soul but I'm not a soldier.
I just read an article in GLAMOUR magazine, that some girls are avoiding being in a relationship because they want to 'dazzle' at work, and feeling that by being in a relationship, they won't do so well at work.

So, fellow Wittians, what do you think?
DEBATE- No fighting and play nice. :p
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