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Hi Dolls!
I'm Jazzi! Been breathing Earth's air for A decade and a half.
Aha I'm in love with music it has saved me so many times. I'm a professional fangirl so hmu if you want to freak out together. 

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Quotes by SayingWhatMeFeel

Its been a while since i've been on Witty and i come back thinking,


You'll never love yourself
half as much as I love you.
You'll never treat yourself
 darling but I want you to. 

My mom was being really nice

yesterday. I was suspicious about why she was being to lovey-dovey and asked her. "Why are you being all mushy-gushy today?" she broke down crying and replied  
"Because 18 kindergardeners won't return home today, 18 pairs of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles already bought their children Christmas presents that will wait under the tree and never be opened. Little kids watched their friends and classmates and teachers murdered. They will never be the same after that. Right now I think this world needs a little love."

This Newtown shooting is the worse thing I've never heard of. It literally ruined my day.  Imagine that a WHOLE GRADE wiped out from your school. 

It shouldn't take something so horrible and terrifying for us to realize how important our family and friends are to us. I have never appreciated the people in my life so much before. Never take your loved one fore granted. 

Heaven recieved 18 extremely special new angels yesterday. 

Rest in paradise. 

Sorry it's so long, but it's worth it. 

Wear blue and yellow on Monday in honor of the shooting
My quote/nmf please don't steal.

One Direction: You're giving me a heart attack, lookin' like you do-ooh!
Me: ...You callin me ugly, punks?
One Direction:
One Direction:  
One Direction: Ow!

My Quote   

Through all the hate and jokes
I think that we all can agree that we are going to miss our sparkley gay vampires, pedophile dog boys, and emotionless Bella.

Thank you Stephenie Meyer for a good book series and something else for fangirls to freak about. 

Even though most people hated Twilight I still loved it. I honestly can say that I'm sad that it's all coming to an end. 

It may not be a Hunger Games or Harry Potter, but it still made an impact in my life. <3


I  wanna be your
last first kiss.


I work in the church nursery
Me: *Gives little boy gold fish crackers and water*
Little Boy: *Dumps water into goldfish cracker*
Me: Why did you just do that?
Little Boy:
Little Boy: 
Little Boy: Fishy swim. 

Made my day.   


I like potatoes. 

She's cheer captain,

And I still really like potatoes.


You know that feeling
where it feels like everyone is drifting away from you?

I do.
 And it sucks. 
format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

Things I Hear During School

 *Math Class* 
Teacher: "If I was a bear, I'd be a Grizzly bear."

Girl: "I think I'd be a Teddy bear.."
Teacher: "YOU PEDOPHILE! You like to sleep with young children!? I'm disgusted.."

Class: "What."

Aha, because teddy bears sleep with
little kids, get it? :P 
My school is so weird.