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Don't do that;
Don't get mad when you get called a slut,
because you dress like that.
Don't get pissed when you get called a whore,
because you can't remember half the guys you fucked.
Don't get upset when you fail classes,
because you don't do the work.
Don't be sad when I'm not there for you,
because you were never there for me.
Just don't do that.


Quotes by pending*

B i g o t;
a prejudiced person,
who is intolerant of any;
opinions differing from their own.
Also   the   reason;
w h y,
I'm leaving;
w i t t y,
for   good.
I'm sick of people;
j u m p i n g,
down my throat,
because my opinions,
are different from theirs.
So goodbye witty.
I'll miss the site,
but can't say I'll miss,
most the people.

Do you feel like a;
m  a  n,
when you push her;
a  r  o  u  n  d?
Do you feel;
b  e  t  t  e  r,
now as she falls to the;
g  r  o  u  n  d?

Accidently found this song, and I loved it.

If   you   fall;
" in    love "
with      your;
best             friend,

ignore the feelings.
What would you rather have;
a few weeks/months of being a;
couple then breaking-up and;
forgetting each other,
or staying friends forever?
You might think they are;
" T h e   o n e "
but in reality,
you're still only in;
middle/high school,
you still have your;
w h o l e   l i f e,
ahead of you,
a whole life you'd want to share with;
your    best    friend,
not regretting losing them.

Growing up is tough;
if you're short.
I wanted to join;
a gang one time,
but the guys called me;
a paragraph,
because I was too short to be an;

e s s a y.


-a Mexican comedian (yes Mexican was relevant because in this case, essay is referring to esé.)-

I just know,
I'm going to;
to all the;
being about;
9  /  11.
no disrespect,
but one is;


& I know y'all are going to get all offended by this, so if you don't like it, don't bother commenting, because it's my opinion, and I don't care if you agree or not.

"Fave and I'll follow!"
Uh,   no   thanks.
I'd rather have people;
" f o l l o w "
me because they like my;
q u o t e s,
not because I liked theirs.

{even though I have no clue what followers even for..}