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Don't do that;
Don't get mad when you get called a slut,
because you dress like that.
Don't get pissed when you get called a whore,
because you can't remember half the guys you fucked.
Don't get upset when you fail classes,
because you don't do the work.
Don't be sad when I'm not there for you,
because you were never there for me.
Just don't do that.


Quotes by pending*

Don't   walk   away,
&  leave  without  a;
r  e  n,
when there's too much to say,
that   hasn't   been   said.

We are all;
d e s p e r a t e l y,
seeking out,
& fitting in with;
a n y o n e,
who will;
accept us.

What I believed to be;
t  r  e,
it   was   only   a:

I held onto you,
for as long;
as I could,
but today,
you fell;
a  w  y.

It's all the same,
and I'll take you for;
who you are,
if you take me for;

e v e r y t h i n g,
and do it all over;
a g a i n.

I could hear the;
v o i c e s,
taunting him;
"Silly rabbit,
Trix are for kids"

I   m e a n;
why couldn't they,
just him him some;

c e r e a l?

Carlton - The Fresh Prince of Bel

If you are a;
b i t c h,
be prepared,
because my:
friend and I will;

give you a;
horrible nickname.

Go ahead and ask;
& "Dick Deflater"

how much they like their;
n i c k n a m e s.

My English teacher;
so far has given:
four surveys,
as homework.
In each survey,
there is always a;
q u e s t i o n,
asking what our;
g o a l s   a r e.
A p p a r e n t l y;
"I don't have any goals"
is too subtle,
considering she is still ;
asking me.

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