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Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on lately.
I've been sort of busy with... life.
But I'm back.

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Quotes by Sebastian_isTheName

I don't go a day without wondering if I'm not good enough for you.

All these hot singles in my area want to meet me!
Probably because all the free iPads I've won...

That moment when you fall asleep on the couch and wake up in your bed.
... And then you remember you live alone.

Hey, I just met you.
And this is crazy...
But get in the f*cking van.

You Insult Me: I can handle it.
You Insult my Girlfriend: Now that's a problem.

Oh I'm late to class...
Please stare at me like I killed 5 people.

My Mom: "When we get in to the resturant, you're 12, okay?"

I can't wait for the day I can look at you and feel absolutely nothing.

That awkward moment when you're talking to someone and you really want to kiss them, but you can't.

I'm bored...
Who wants to get married?