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Hi!I'm secret42 as you know.And this is my profile.I joined witty because I've always scrolled through the quotes before and got ideas for quotes,too.Follow me and I'll follow back.Fav one of my quotes and I'll follow you,then fav as many quotes from you as I can.No scam.I promise.I'm obsessed with happy bunny(And also dear dumb diary) since I keep on quoting them.And I'm obsessed with books like Deardumbdiary,Dork diaries,Amelia's notebook,Diary of a wimpy kid,Daphne's diary of daily disasters.And books like that.I dont jock my quotes,and I use other peoples formats for my quotes.I guess thats it.Bye!  
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I wonder if all the tumblr

quotes were used,we

would just re-use them!


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I'm bored
I'm yours
I'm coming home
I'm on a boat
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When me and my friend first listened to "get lucky" by daft punk for the 1st time,she said,"why are they singing about duckys"?

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You can tell that I'm weird because yesterday I felt like writing a book called,"Patricia the mexican ducky".

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You know,I actually liked when people kept on writing about the same topic,I would just sit back with my popcorn,and read away.
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Me scrolling through quotes

Quote:This quote does not exist.

Me:Does this actually not exist or...

Me:Wait that's my quote.

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 How do people have an actual conversation on omegle?Whenever I go on it there are just people asking me my gender,age and kik.:\


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I know people can be mean.
Some person on club penguin made fun of me for not being a member.
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Me looking at quotes
Me:Oh I wanna use that format.

Me:Now what do I write?
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