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iOkay so i made this witty to vent and to confess. my lifer isnt exactly easy, i feel hated by every human being. im fat&ugly. i hate myself. i hate who i am not anything anyone says to me i will belive. i've been fucked over so many times i've trained myself how not to be an emotinal wreck, i starve myself daily. sometimes i want to cut but i dont.
life qoutes;
one down the rest of your life to go

dont chase  aboy who wont make the effort to talk to you.
yeah i wansn't planning on telling you my name but check my other witty;kerryfaceface
i really dont give a fuck if you hate my confessions or vents but it helps me so fuck you.
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Hannahxoxo 1 decade ago
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Thank you so much. ♥
Complementgirl_xoxo 1 decade ago
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No problem! (: I love your picture btw :D
Complementgirl_xoxo 1 decade ago
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So, if you ever need someone to vent to, need advice, or just someone to talk to I'm here. Thats that my accounts for (: