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Quotes by I'm Cool.*

I still don't understand why it's okay to ask someone to 'get over their anxiety and stop being shy'. That's like me asking you to stop being an ignorant waste of space. Try it? Isn't so easy, is it?

Do you ever just look at a quote you posted like a month ago and think
'Oh my gosh, I was so young and stupid. What the hell was I thinking.'

Other girls: I wish I could just look good without trying
Me: I wish I could just look good

| I guess asking for someone who cares is too much to ask for |

I wish 'sigh' was a legit feeling. It would make writing autobiographies a lot easier.

The first ever crush I had was on a fictional character.
I'm not even sorry.


Don't look at me like that,
I'm having a bad hair day week month year life.


Hey there.

I won't always understand the situation.
I won't always have something to say.

But, I will always listen.
I promise.
But she's a good kind of bad,
She puts up a strong wall to try conceal the sad.

The hidden look in her eyes is pure desperation,
She'll never understand; she's a beautiful creation.